Weekly Specials

June 12 – June 18, 2024

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Holiday Smoked Meats

Choose from Boston Butts, a rack of ribs or whole chicken. Any product not pre-ordered will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. When it’s gone, it’s gone!


Smoked Boston Butts

9 lb. average

$49.99 ea.

From Our Meat Market

Boneless Ribeyes


SALE $20.99 lb.
Reg. $23.99 lb.

New York Strips


SALE $22.99 lb.
Reg. $24.99 lb.

Pork Rib Chops


SALE $7.99 lb.
Reg. $8.99 lb.

Chicken Breasts

Boneless skinless

SALE $7.99 lb.
Reg. $8.99 lb.

From Our Seafood Department

Raw Gulf Shrimp

16-20 count, shell-on
Frozen or previously frozen
Product of the USA

SALE $12.99 lb.
Reg. $18.99 lb.

At The Company Store

20% OFF All Candles & Pillows!

Beach & Hooded Towels

SALE $11.60 – $23.20 ea.
Reg. $14.50 – $29.00 ea.

All Gardening Items

20% OFF
Reg. $4.00 – $36.00 ea.

Grilling Aprons & Accessories

20% OFF
Reg. $25.00 – $78.00 ea.

RFID Wallets

SALE $8.00 ea.
Reg. $10.00 ea.

Range Leather Co. Goods

Hats, key chains, croakies

SALE $24.00 – $33.60 ea.
Reg. $30.00 – $42.00 ea.

Dad Candles

SALE $14.40 ea.
Reg. $18.00 ea.

Lumiz LED Lanterns

Sustainably made from Tyvek fabric – beautiful, strong, weather-resistant and 100% recyclable. Lanterns are both solar-powered and battery operated.
Round & Bulb Fan, Balloon & Diamond Sashiko, Long Oval, Round Bazaar (Ikat & Marrakesh)

SALE $30 – $40 ea.
Reg. $9 – $10 ea.

From Our Deli

Grab & Go Wings

Hot and ready wings for a deliciously convenient meal on the move

SALE $5.29 ea.
Reg. $6.99 ea.

From Our Bakery

Belgium Chocolate Muffin

With caramel and sea salt

Reg. $5.29 ea.

From Our Cheese Case

From Our Produce Department


SALE $3.59 per bunch
Reg. $5.09 per bunch


SALE $12.99 lb.
Reg. $16.49 lb.


SALE $2.49 per bunch
Reg. $2.99 per bunch

Idaho Potatoes

SALE $.69 lb.
Reg. $1.29 lb.



SALE $2.99 ea.
Reg. $4.99 ea.


SALE $8.99 ea.
Reg. $10.99 ea.

For the Home

From Our Grocery Aisles

Olive & Sinclair Bourbon Nib Brittle

6 oz.
Taste the nuance of some of the South’s finest bourbons combined with caramelized, buttery brittle

SALE $7.99 ea.
Reg. $11.49 ea.

Sanders Sea Salt Caramels

18 oz.
Milk or Dark Chocolate

SALE $8.99 ea.
Reg. $11.99 ea.

Owen's Mixers

25.4 oz.
Ginger Beer, Sparkling Cranberry, Rio Red Grapefruit, Cucumber Mint

SALE $6.39 ea.
Reg. $8.49 ea.

Owen's Espresso Martini Mix

8 fl. oz. cans, 4-pack
Craft cocktails in two easy steps

SALE $11.79 ea.
Reg. $15.69 ea.

Owen's Transfusion Mix

8.2 fl oz. cans, 4-pack
Grape Juice & Ginger Ale

SALE $5.79 ea.
Reg. $7.69 ea.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Quality Bar Goods

13.5 – 16 oz.
Classic Tonic Syrup, Bourbon Cocktail Cherries, Vermouth Brined Olives

SALE $12.79 – $13.89 ea.
Reg. $16.99 – $18.49 ea.

From Our Beer Cooler

'Merica Y'all IPA by Prairie

12 fl. oz. can, 4-pack

SALE $10.99 ea.
Reg. $12.99 ea.

From Our Wine Cellar

Duc de Valmer Brut

750 ml.

SALE $9.99 ea.
Reg. $14.99 ea.

Elizabeth Spencer Sauvignon Blanc

750 ml.

SALE $14.99 ea.
Reg. $18.99 ea.

Elizabeth Spencer Rosé

750 ml.

SALE $14.99 ea.
Reg. $18.99 ea.

Talbott Chardonnay

750 ml.

SALE $14.99 ea.
Reg. $18.99 ea.

Talbott Pinot Noir

750 ml.

SALE $18.99 ea.
Reg. $23.99 ea.

Juggernaut Cabernet

750 ml.

SALE $14.99 ea.
Reg. $19.99 ea.


Senior Wednesdays

Seniors 60 and over get an additional 10% off every Wednesday, excluding ad items, wine and beer.

"Best Case Scenario" Wine Special

Catherine’s has the best wine selection, and prices, in the Lake Martin area. If you choose to buy six or 12 bottles, we’ll discount those prices even more, and you can mix and match to your heart’s content!

– Buy 6 bottles and save 5%
– Buy 12 bottles and save 15%