Exquisite Breads, Pastries & Desserts by Chef Michael

Get a taste of the good life with one of the many hand-crafted, exquisite items from our bakery. These goods are baked to perfection by our experienced bakers. We are so fortunate to have Chef Michael Schwartz as part of the Catherine’s family. Chef Michael is a well-experienced pastry chef who has set a whole new tone in our bakery. He has always been drawn to the culinary industry ever since he was little. Growing up in a family-owned restaurant, he prepared dinners and worked in the bakery from the young ages of 7 and 8. He enjoys being able to express new ideas with his team and collaborate to put the most delicious and well-made items on the shelves.

Chef Michael has introduced several new staple pieces to the bakery including the Croissant Au Chocolate-Amandes, an almond chocolate croissant, and the Champignon Au Fromage, a colorful ratatouille tart. Next time you’re in the market, be sure to stop by and say hello to Chef Michael and the team and grab a mouth-watering pastry!