Weekly Specials

May 22 – May 28, 2024

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Holiday Smoked Meats

Choose from Boston Butts, a rack of ribs or whole chicken. Any product not pre-ordered will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. When it’s gone, it’s gone!


Smoked Boston Butts

9 lb. average

$49.99 ea.

Smoked Full Rack of Ribs

3.5 lb. average

$29.99 ea.

Smoked Whole Chickens

3 lb. average

$14.99 ea.

From Our Meat Market

Boneless Ribeyes


SALE $29.99 lb.
Reg. $36.99 lb.

Baby Back Ribs


SALE $8.99 lb.
Reg. $10.99 lb.

Ground Chuck

SALE $7.99 lb.
Reg. $9.99 lb.

Whole Chickens

SALE $2.79 lb.
Reg. $3.99 lb.

From Our Seafood Department

Snow Crab Legs

5-8 oz. clusters

SALE $12.49 lb.
Reg. $14.99 lb.

Raw Gulf Shrimp

16-20 count, shell-on

SALE $15.99 lb.
Reg. $18.99 lb.

At The Company Store

20% OFF All Tote Bags & Swimwear Coverups

Lumiz LED Lanterns

Sustainably made from Tyvek fabric – beautiful, strong, weather-resistant and 100% recyclable. Lanterns are both solar-powered and battery operated.
Round & Bulb Fan, Balloon & Diamond Sashiko, Long Oval, Round Bazaar (Ikat & Marrakesh)

SALE $30 – $40 ea.
Reg. $9 – $10 ea.

From Our Deli

Grab & Go Wings

Hot and ready wings for a deliciously convenient meal on the move

SALE $5.29 ea.
Reg. $6.99 ea.

From Our Bakery

Crème Brulee


SALE $4.99 ea.
Reg. $5.99 ea.

From Our Cheese Case

From Our Produce Department



SALE $8.99 ea.
Reg. $10.99 ea.

Chilton Co. Peaches

SALE $2.49 lb.
Reg. $2.99 lb.

Bi-Color Corn

SALE $.79 ea.
Reg. $1.29 ea.

Slicing Tomatoes

SALE $1.69 lb.
Reg. $2.69 lb.


SALE $3.99 ea.
Reg. $5.69 ea.

Grain Leaf Lettuce

SALE $1.99 ea.
Reg. $2.59 ea.

Yellow Onions

SALE $.79 lb.
Reg. $.99 lb.

From Our Produce Department

For the Home

From Our Grocery Aisles

Barnana Organic Plantain Chips

5 oz.
Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Acapulco Lime

SALE $4.49 ea.
Reg. $5.99 ea.

Spudsy Sweet Potato Chips

4 oz.
Grain-free, Vega, Non-GMO
White Cheddar, Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeño Ranch

SALE $3.59 ea.
Reg. $5.29 ea.

Spudsy Sweet Potato Chips

4 oz.
Zesty Ranch, Hot Fry

SALE $3.59 ea.
Reg. $5.29 ea.

BEAR Fruit Rolls

3.5 oz.
No added sugar, made with real fruit, just four ingredients
Apple Pear Mango, Apple Pear Strawberry, Apple Pear Raspberry

SALE $4.59 ea.
Reg. $5.69 ea.

Chicago Flats Gourmet Flatbread Crackers

8 oz.
All natural, no trans fats
Sea Salt, Garlic Sesame, All Flavor

SALE $3.79 ea.
Reg. $5.99 ea.

From Our Beer Cooler

'Merica Y'all IPA by Prairie

12 fl. oz. can, 4-pack

SALE $10.99 ea.
Reg. $12.99 ea.

From Our Wine Cellar

Talbott 'Kali Hart' Chardonnay

750 ml.

SALE $14.99 ea.
Reg. $18.99 ea.

Talbott 'Kali Hart' Pinot Noir

750 ml.

SALE $18.99 ea.
Reg. $23.99 ea.

LaMarca Prosecco

750 ml.

SALE $12.99 ea.
Reg. $16.99 ea.

Whispering Angel Rosé

750 ml.

SALE $21.99 ea.
Reg. $24.99 ea.

Meiomi Pinot Noir

750 ml.

SALE $14.99 ea.
Reg. $18.99 ea.


Senior Wednesdays

Seniors 60 and over get an additional 10% off every Wednesday, excluding ad items, wine and beer.

"Best Case Scenario" Wine Special

Catherine’s has the best wine selection, and prices, in the Lake Martin area. If you choose to buy six or 12 bottles, we’ll discount those prices even more, and you can mix and match to your heart’s content!

– Buy 6 bottles and save 5%
– Buy 12 bottles and save 15%